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dialogic ∆ circles 

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Circle dates: 

6-7:30pm Eastern Time

$10 per circle, $60 total

∆ Jan 16  

∆ Jan 30

∆ Feb 13

∆ Feb 27

∆ March 13

∆ March 27 

Engage in the dialogues & conversations you've been deeply craving with people who are craving the same. As an community facilitator with years of experience as a humanities educator, I use carefully chosen quotes & intentionally crafted questions to spark meaningful discourse that questions dominant narratives and helps us recreate our imaginative landscape around how we can be. We will discuss messages we receive around how we are meant to live, as well as our deepest imaginings about how we could live. 

Some examples of essential questions: What were we taught creates a meaningful or 'successful' life, and what are we actually finding to be true? Where does the widespread feeling of loneliness and isolation come from in our society, and what would it look like to have social structures that create connection? Who does it serve that our romantic partnerships are rooted in an ideal of possession, and what would it look like to foster the freedom & expansion of the person/people you build your life? 

join us

sign up here for the winter circles, starting Jan 18th 2023
You will receive a google form & payment method via email. Once you have paid, you will be fully registered, and the zoom link will be sent by email. Capisci?

Thank you for joining the discourse! Keep an eye on your email inbox for payment & google form information.

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