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dialogic ∆ circles 

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Intimate groups, limited spots

Tiered pricing

In-Person Workshop,


∆ Feb 13

∆ Feb 20

∆ Feb 27

∆ March 5

∆ March 12

∆ March 19

Please schedule a clarity call before signing up. This will help ensure that we are all on the same page, that this circle is a delightful match for you, and that the group is cohesive & aligned.

Engage in the dialogues & conversations you've been deeply craving with people who are craving the same. As an community facilitator with years of experience as a humanities educator, I use carefully chosen quotes & intentionally crafted questions to spark meaningful discourse that questions dominant narratives and helps us recreate our imaginative landscape around how we can be. We will discuss messages we receive around how we are meant to live, as well as our deepest imaginings about how we could live. 

Some examples of essential questions: What were we taught creates a meaningful or 'successful' life, and what are we actually finding to be true? Where does the widespread feeling of loneliness and isolation come from in our society, and what would it look like to have social structures that create connection? Who does it serve that our romantic partnerships are rooted in an ideal of possession, and what would it look like to foster the freedom & expansion of the person/people you build your life? 

With years of experience as a high school humanities teacher, an inquisitive human, and an active listener, I bring my passions of facilitation and community cultivation to the non-institutional container. This is about learning for love of learning, and connecting for love of connecting. 


tiers based on your personal financial means

The most important thing is that you feel called to participate in this unique experience of co-creation. Tiers allow us to explore the question: what can we do to make this experience accessible for you and sustainable for the practitioner?

This is my livelihood, which is important to consider when exploring this above questions. How can we create webs of mutual reciprocity that are based on what we can give, what we need, and what is available to us based on the systems we inherited when born into this body, in this place, at this time on earth?

Please check out the green bottle diagram below to help you make your decision if you are feeling lost on how to gauge your contribution. 

Tier 1: $30 a class, $180 total 

Tier 2: $40 a class, $240 total

Tier 3: $50 a class, $300 total

Tier 4: You decide, based on the principles of intuitive sensing, reciprocity, and means. 

Signing up and payment secures your spot. 

I am deeply looking forward to engaging in and facilitating some delicious, thought-provoking discussions with you. Let us soothe the wound of small talk with the balm of deep dialogue. 

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