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“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”
- Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Dandelion Fields
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1:1 Guidance

​I am not in the business of "fixing." I don't believe we have any business treating our spirits like machines. 

I am the friend and mentor whose house you go to on a snowy winter night, light a fire, make a pot of tea, and talk purposefully about where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to go. 

All of the work I do is rooted in the understanding that the cultural narratives, social expectations, and value systems we've inherited from colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy sever our connection to community, land, and spirit. I believe that we can re-weave these connections through first imagining and then embodying

other ways of being.

We are social creatures, journeying together, at times guided and at times guiding. We weren't meant to do this alone; we were meant to have devoted educators and students of change to guide and support us through this human experience of constant transition. 

I offer you my full sacred attention, my purest energy, and my years of experience as an observant & conscious human, a high school teacher, a philosopher, a traveler, a lover, a griever, a conflict mediator, a nature-based spiritualist, and a guide to the liminal space. 

I am a disciple of crossroads, boundaries, and transformation. Come to my fire, have some tea, and explore the liminal space with

a dedicated guide. 

Schedule a free 30 minute clarity session to evaluate

the possibility of working together. 


"Maris helped transform my default ways of thinking and narrative-telling through our Other Ways series work. When I first discovered Maris, I felt stuck, cycling through similar ways of being despite doing so much, and trying so much.


What was initially a 6-week series commitment turned into nearly 3 months of work together — once we got into our work, there was so much to unpack and I felt excited to see how I could shift my perspective on my life and how I exist in the world to one that not only honored where I am in my life journey but also to what I value and dream for my future.


Maris has an exceptional and rare gift: she is a true teacher and guide, enabling you to feel seen, validated, and understood while helping to steer you in the direction you desire to go in. If you have the ability to work with Maris in any capacity, I highly recommend it. Maris has done the deep work, and is still doing the deep work; you have someone in your corner who not only wants to help you change you life, but also wants to help change the world — one brave and vulnerable person at a time."

- Kristina S.

North Star Mentorship

1:1 Guidance: 

North Star Mentorship

In this pathway of focus, I guide you in creation of a life in the horizontal realm (the realm of linear time and tasks) that aligns with your values and sense of joy. How do you make choices in this task-filled world of forms that create alignment with your longing for community, relationships, self sovereignty, and purpose?

This is guidance for the periods of life when you are stepping into a liminal space a questioning the container that holds and shapes your life. Here, we work on creating the right conditions for the garden to grow, not planting the garden itself. Just as we sometimes need to build garden beds, amend soil, prune branches, and plan which variety goes in which bed depending on the exposure to the sun, we sculpt the garden that holds our spirits through the way we build relationships, make money, pass time, create houses and homes. 

All stages of this mentorship include collaborative  journaling, grounding, witnessing, reading, and suggested practices.

We begin with examining the narratives that live inside your tissues around your area of change. We then move to stretching the muscle of imagination. Finally, we end with north star planning.

Schedule a free 30 minute clarity session to evaluate  the possibility of working together

1:1 Guidance: 

Rooting & Expansion Mentorship

In this pathway, I guide you in deepening your relationship to the vertical realm (the realm of infinite presence, spiral time, and self knowing) by rooting our practice in re-connection with the animate beings and energies of the earth, and in re-membering the relationship between spirit, body, and mystery. 

If you live near Burlington, VT, I prefer to hold these sessions in the woods as often as possible. It is here that we truly learn how to listen, how to speak, and how to be. 

Continuing the metaphor of the garden, if the North Star Mentorship focuses on aligning the container of the garden to the needs and values of the organisms growing within it, then this mentorship focuses on embodying the organisms themselves. We are the seed, the plant, the tree that is growing in the garden we have created. We explore the interbeing needed to feel the sun, alchemize its energy, and convert this energy to life.


Similarly, as the human form of nature, we need to learn how to feel into presence of the now, enter the body through the senses, listen to the wisdom of the earth, and develop relationship with earthly energies more expansive and intelligent than ourselves. 

The goal is to develop practices, rituals, and ways of being that can be taken away from our sessions together and continued on your own and in community with others. Whenever you need additional rounds of guidance, you can always return for 1:1 mentorship or forest circle community work. 

Schedule a free 30 minute clarity session to evaluate  the possibility of working together

a note on space

Please note that for now, all sessions are either virtual or in the woods. If there are sufficient requests, I can make some days available in a Burlington space, so please do let me know if this is something  you are looking for. 



I recommend beginning with 7 weekly or biweekly sessions to truly get into the work, and a flexible extension of 3-6 sessions if it seems like we have a bit more to do.


Unlike the design of traditional therapy or various Western healing practices, this guidance is designed to be time-bound and limited, aiming to give you the support you need to self-guide until your next stage of growth. 

I believe that in order to gain resilience and trust in ourselves, we need autonomous time to practice the skills & patterns we develop with the help of others' guidance.

After our work together, you will not be left empty-handed, with only your memories to guide you. You will be left with journal guides and custom-recommended readings to help you continue your journey on your own, until we meet again.

I welcome you to create follow-up containers of guidance towards alignment and attunement as you enter your next stage of growth; you will know when you feel the call.

$135 per 60 min session

$200 per 90 min session 

Sliding scale opportunities available for folks without inherited wealth and limited financial flexibility. 

Sliding scale: $75-$120 per session 

If you feel deeply aligned with my work and cannot access the price point even with sliding scale, please reach out to me so we can co-discover how to meet everyone's needs. 

North Star Mentorship Client

I only have experience with traditional talk-based therapy and Maris is completely different — we work with the now and Maris feels more like a teacher and guide rather than someone to dump all my traumas and emotional upheavals onto. Inevitably, because of the work done together, some of that is touched upon but I feel only in a way that helps inform the work we are doing.

Abbreviated Sample of a Customized Journal Guide

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