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deadline for sign-up: 9/8
limited spots

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deadline for sign up: 9/8

more detail about this series:

I believe that dedicating oneself to a nature practice is not only about calming the nervous system and engaging in an atheistic forms of mindfulness, but also is about connecting to the animated spirit of the land, the spirit of community, and the very personal spirit that has been given this flesh suit of a body.


You do not have to have experience or confidence in this realm to attend this series. This is a container for learning and growing, and experiencing the support of a community who is also attempting to do the same. The skills & abilities you need to presence deeply in nature are already inside of you; we are simply giving them space to be coaxed out.


In this series, we will be engaging in guided forms of walking and sitting meditation. We will be using the words of wise & beloved animist authors to journal, presence, co-contemplate, and root deeper. We will be connecting through meaningful & heart-centered question prompts with circle-mates. We will be greeting the elements around us. We will feel into interconnectedness and interbeing. We will get to know chosen plants.


In this first series, we will focus four level 1 portals of presencing: sight, sound, smell, and touch. Later, I will offer additional levels for folks to continue their work in phases.

next steps:

If this practice is calling to you, please schedule a forest circles clarity call (15 min) so we can confirm we are in alignment, and make sure we are building the intentional community of practice that we seek. Then, you may sign up & receive the final steps.

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20230505_122015 10.39.04 AM.jpg

dates, time, location

  • dates: the following wednesdays:

    • ∆ sept 13​

    • ∆ sept 20 

    • ∆ oct 11 

    • ∆ oct 18

      • in the future, these will be weekly. a prior commitment negated the ability this time around. i will provide a guided audio offering for the two interim weeks for you to practice on your own. ​

  • time: 5:15pm-7pm 

  • locationwe will be gathering at an outdoor, nature-dense location in Burlington, to be shared with the circle as the circle becomes known. 

    • rain or shine ​

exchange for labor

i am offering a tiered price system based on your personal finance experience. 


for BIPOC folks, i also welcome self-proposed contributions, or the possibility of barter. 

tier 1: $220 ($55 a session)

tier 2: $300 ($74 a session)

tier 3: $380 ($95 a session)

tier 4: an opening for generosity

of your choosing

please use the green bottom diagram below to aid you in determining where you fall on the sliding scale. 



click the button below to sign up. it will take you to my scheduler; once you have provided your information, i will send you instructions on how you may pay. 

if you have questions beforehand, you can reach me via email

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