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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

I have moved my writing to Substack.

All of my writing about other ways of being and updates on offerings will be through this medium. It is here that I write and create audio (podcast interviews, spoken prose) about the most pressing contemplations on my mind in the realm of imagination.


I write about everything from the false god of achievement, to the rich metaphors that sprout from agroforestry, to the river-like nature of non-monogamy. All of my writing falls under the umbrella of re-shaping paradigms, de-constructing the narratives we've been taught, and imagining other ways of being. 

For no cost, you can take a look at most of my archives here.


Enter your email to receive 1-4 pieces a month of contemplations on reshaping paradigms of how to be. 

Thanks for subscribing! I will be entering you manually because Wix does not connect to Substack. See you soon :)

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